Saturday, April 01, 2006

Shopping Solo

This afternoon, Shelley stayed home with the kids, enabling me to get out on my own and tend to some shopping. We had tried as a family to get some things on Thursday afternoon, but there wasn't quality opportunity to browse when tending to the care of children.

I cleared the basement of empties, garnering $24.80 at the beer store. It had been over a year since I'd tended to that task; I found last St. Pat's Guinness cans amid the collection. Still, that's 248 bottles returned - mind you there has been a healthy contribution from mysterious donors leaving their remnants on our lawn, in the parking lot next door, in the park, in the church bushes ...

On my list was a new pair of hiking shoes. I've had my current pair since Survivor: Marquesas, 2002. I remember because some of the contestants wore the same model. I found some Merrells that fit my short, wide, flat feet well, but the price was a bit too dear. I can wait until they're on sale.

I did grab Broken Social Scene's CD on sale and a Campus Crew ¼-zip sweatshirt, on final sale. I was also searching out a new pair of jeans. After checking 7 different places and trying on 9 pairs (boycotting Tommy Hilfiger and wincing at the price of some Mavi's - who knew jeans were so expensive these days? who knew there was a brand called "Mavi"?), I did find success. I went with a pair from the Eddie Bauer clearance rack, along with a longsleeve button-down shirt also on sale.

After some purchases to restock the wine rack, I finally addressed my season-long Harvey's craving and headed home in time to help finish with bathtime. Tomorrow afternoon is Shelley's turn to play consumer and she'll go pick up those hiking boots for me; she pointed out that with all the sales I took advantage of, I might as well have bought the footwear at retail. Who am I to argue?

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