Sunday, July 09, 2006

Canada Intends to Read

Jian Ghomeshi, in an homage to "Canada Reads" has invited the nation to read a literary work of great repute, and difficulty, that ought to have already been read by now. His selection for this year's "Canada Intends to Read" is James Joyce's Ulysses.

After his first weekend, he was on page 25 or so; I have no idea how far he's managed since then as my morning radio listening has curtailed lately. I've stalled in my own quest for literary poser greatness. Well, maybe not so much stalled as wilfully distracted.

My endeavour has been sidetracked by Guy Gavriel Kay's epic fantasy trilogy The Fionavar Tapestry (how did I not know about this before? and thanks to Cheryl's blog commenters for putting it onto my reading radar) and Doug Coupland's JPod (which I will love, because he wrote it – I'm saving it for holidays later this week).

I'm sure I'll get back to JJ's densely obscure tome, because I'm stubborn enough to finish it; whether I remember or comprehend anything upon my return is debatable. Perhaps some Guinness would help put me in the mood.

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