Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Jeffy's Best Game

We had the pleasure of Jeffy's company for 20 hours. On his way to Goderich, he stopped for the night and caught up on each other's news and shared stories about the kids, of course.

This afternoon, he and I went out for 9 holes at the local course. I'm glad to say I was witness to his "best game ever". There were some excellent approach shots and we didn't see much of his slice; he went out on an astounding putt at #9. He credits the higher-quality rental clubs with his game.

A group let us play through at hole 5, so of course, we missed some putts on the 4th green and stunk it up as they watched and waited for us to move past them ...

My game picked up as we went along, making solid shots on the last 3 holes. Were I more bold in my putting, the score would not have been so close (57 to 58 for me). It was a hard-fought game and we both enjoyed ourselves, which is the most important thing. Plus, there were no incidents of public nudity on the course.

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