Thursday, July 06, 2006

Positive Pee-r Pressure

With Reiko going to daycare on a more regular basis, she's become fast friends with a girl we'll call "H-M". They play together all the time and when we're home, Rei will often ask, "What is H-M is doing right now?"

Last night, Rei willingly sat on the potty. We had pretty much given up on the toilet training, waiting for that magical, mythical moment when she would decide it was time. Apparently, the time has come! (Incidentally, H-M uses the potty and doesn't wear diapers).

Today, there are 3 stickers on the latest incarnation of her potty sticker page. We've bribed her with a kite when she gets to 10. Ten more stickers after that and she gets a special Dora present. Seems like she's getting ready to cash in on all our desperate bribes from the past months (and she remembers all of them).

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