Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Storybook Story

Are we crazy? Cheryl and I undertook an outing to Storybook Gardens in London with 4 kids under 5. We managed to get away fairly easily, hoping that morning naps would occur in the car on the way, and arriving before the doors opened at 10:00.

As we waited in line, I noted that someone dressed in a "Slippery the Seal" costume was at the door greeting everyone with courtesy and enthusiasm. I tried to block Rei's sightline but I was too slow. She caught sight of the larger-than-life mascot and was slightly terrified.

We quickly entered the park and eschewing the animals at the zoo and farm attractions, proceeded to the playground area and splash pad.
We capped off our adventure with some Chicken Nuggets and milkshakes before heading home. It was an active morning, the kids had fun and the adults survived the ordeal.

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