Monday, July 10, 2006


In preparation for the arrival of friends Peter and Patricia, of Cochrane St. United in St. John's, NL, I cleaned the house with some help from Rei. As a reward, we treated ourselves to some ice cream downtown; blue (bubblegum) for her, pink (black cherry, this time) for me.

In the evening, I plugged into the iPod Shuffle and did some garden work. Shelley remarked, "If [the iPod] gets you weeding, I'm all for it!" At least my iTunes gave my mind something else to focus on instead of the usual environmental commentary on the arrogance, and futility, of humanity trying to tame nature into artificial displays of floral prettiness.

Instead, I realized the iPod commercials don't feature any black-silhouetted figures with white iPod earphones cavorting and dancing about while gardening, or vaccumming. That is an untapped market right there. Or maybe that's a demographic that Apple isn't worried about – they should. They could hire me as a consultant. Because I'm such an expert.

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