Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hasselhoff's Revenge

It was a matter of minutes after questioning the talent level of David Hasselhoff than I was struck with a summer flu. Battling ague, aches, nausea and Montezuma's Revenge (no more details, I promise), I wasn't much of a parent today.

Poor Kai was crying in the play room and comes crawling to the bathroom for me to comfort him.
Nauseated, feverish, I was too weak to pick him up, he tried to pull himself up on me, but I was sweating too much and he couldn't get a grip. So much for this week's Boys' Day.

There was a rash of some kind on his face this afternoon and he was tugging at his ears, so I thought it was an ear infection, given that we just finished his penicillin regimen. I called Shelley who left work to take him to the doctor (where he perked up right away – and no ear infection), then picked up Rei from daycare and came home to care for all her babies.

This morning's been a bit better, at least I can remain upright for longer and am somewhat functional. We have a week of holidays coming up, hopefully we'll be healthy enough to enjoy it.

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