Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Week that Was

Monday: Waterboys
On the hazy, hot and humid day, Kai took to the water like a baby unable to get away from the hare-brained schemes of his dad.
We missed the full force of the damaging summer thunderstorm, hearing the news of Toronto's power outage and Cheryl's cottage storm survival experience after the fact.

Tuesday: GOlf and JPod
In the afternoon, I played 9 holes at Brooklea Golf & Country Club. Considering it was my first round on a new course, and I did reasonably, somewhat, well. Although losing 7 balls may seem like a setback to most, I prefer to dwell on the holes where I didn't reach double-digits in shot totals. I did manage a mulligan-free par; too bad no one was around to witness it.

I finished Doug Coupland's JPod today; and I fear that he may have "jumped the shark" with this one. At first I thought it was self-effacing and ironic that he wrote himself into the book; then as it became apparent that he, the character, was influencing key plot points, I thought it annoying.

Not to say that I didn't enjoy the book or chortle happily as I discovered the true extent of my geek-ness, but I'd have to say I prefer Microserfs to this pale attempt.

Wednesday: 2 for 2
The hurdles to diaper weaning continue to fall by the wayside as Rei had 2 poops in the potty today.

In other barrier-breaking behaviour, she actually entered the water at the beach, "swimming like a duck".

Today: Grey County

We left the cottage this morning and proceeded to the another cottage for a visit with Cheryl, Neva and Hugh. As we crossed over into Grey County, we noted the sullen sky was sullen and I put my glasses on for the first time in days. (Since Sunday I had been making do with my prescription sunglasses or unenhanced eyesight). The rain came clattering down on the car, threatening to overtake the speed-sensitive wipers of the Fusion.

Due to construction, some detours were necessary and as we approached a vital junction to our travels, we discovered excellent signage for 3 of the approaches to this intersection. The fourth path, the one we were on, sent us around and about only to face a road and ditch torn up by backhoe and heavy machinery. Backtracking, we discovered the clear and helpful signs that would have pointed us in the right direction, had we been going elsewhere, or had I been driving in reverse, or by looking in the rearview mirror.

Anyway, we got there, had a delightful visit with our friends in a cottage that had hydro recently restored. We're home now and looking forward to the rest and recuperation after vacation.

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