Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Boys' Day

Rei was at daycare today so that lightened the parenting load. Wednesday's shaping up to be boys' day. I took Kai for a sled ride downtown, mailed my ROE to HRCC so that EI will deposit into our TDCT account, and rented a DVD from the gas station.

He had some big naps, I watched Transporter 2 as I ate lunch in front of the TV for some mindless fun with stellar car chases and choreographed fight scenes. Good thing I suspended my belief as the implausibility of the physics of the action and biochemistry of the plot were overshadowed only by the wardrobe selection. Luc Besson puts together some well-crafted action flicks although he borrowed too much from the previous Transporter movie (using motor oil and fire hoses as weapons, again, for example).

I washed one load of laundry, tidied the home office a bit, and made supper. Rei apparently had a great day at daycare but had a big meltdown upon returning home, wailing and crying in her coat and boots for a half-hour. We eventually got her to trade boots for shoes and coat for a bike helmet and to the supper table (although we did set aside the helmet for eating).

And that was the premiere of Boys' Day at the manse.

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