Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pout Man from Florida

This actually has little to do with Jeffy (see: "Florida and prairies", July 2, 2005).

The trade deadline in the NBA came and went with little fanfare. Sure Earl Watson gets off the bench and goes to Seattle, but much of the buzz was still puzzling over Isiah Thomas's trade for Steve Francis. This same Steve Francis who pouted on draft night 1999 when selected by the then-Vancouver Grizzlies as the number 2 pick. He wanted to be number 1? He didn't want to play for Vancouver because it's too far from his Maryland home ... Waaaah.
He was a ball-hogging prima donna in Houston, he pouted when traded to Orlando. Now he has to share the court with a team of ball hogs (Stephon Marbury, Jamal Crawford, Jalen Rose...) that is one of the worst in the league with few prospects for improvement unless this assemblage of giant egos somehow manages to learn how to play as a team.

Pauvre Steve, he's still pouting.

At least I'm finding karmic entertainment value in all of this.

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