Tuesday, February 07, 2006

In the Sun

I still believe in CDs for a number of reasons: superior sound quality, the insert package, the ability to hold a physical object after forking over my money. That being said, I am a regular at iTunes, downloading the Free Single of the Week in search of my next favourite artist (so I can go buy the CD) or perusing exclusives of already beloved acts.

My latest musical acquisition, courtesy of iTunes: Michael Stipe's In the Sun featuring Chris Martin.

Six remixed versions of Michael performing Joseph Arthur's song. Who? Joseph Arthur; he opened for REM when I saw them in London (#4 of my Top 5 Concert list).

And I am picky enough to warrant purchase of an album dedicated to the same song. Each has its own merit: the duet with Joseph Arthur is nowhere as polished as with Coldplay's Chris Martin, but its earnestness and intensity gave me goosebumps.

It's going to become an valuable resource for upcoming youth retreats as well as $5 more for Hurricane Katrina relief - all proceeds from the EP will go to charity. For more info, see Michael's In the Sun Foundation.

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