Friday, February 10, 2006


This morning, we were again to the library (I'm very grateful for the numerous programs they run for toddlers and children). Today we were on time, but the sound of merriment and activity that wafted down the hall halted Rei in her tracks. She looked at me and stated that she didn't want anyone to say hello to her and refused to move any further.

So I sat in the doorway of the library (which is one room in what used to be the school in Arkona) with Kai while Rei contentedly sat in the hallway by the coats and boots. She gradually moved closer and closer until she was just across the hall, almost at the door. By then the stories were over and the kids rushed out sending her back to the coats and boots.

I'd feel bad for her if I actually believed that introversion was a bad thing. Were I a socially-obsessed parent I might have made a bigger deal of it; perhaps that is why we were cosmically matched, as parent and child, or it could be she inherited from her parents.

Knowing how I am in occasions requiring extroversion, I understand how important it is to let her have her space. Although it hasn't happened yet, I've come quite close to posting an open letter to extroverts stating that just because I'm off to the side by myself doesn't mean that I need rescuing. So back off.

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