Thursday, February 09, 2006


The days are filled with bloggable moments, cute things the kids did or said or gurgled. I imagine there will be many such posts of unrelated anecdotes that couldn't sustain an entire post in and of themselves. So here's a little recap:

I forgot to mention earlier that Kai's second tooth broke through on Monday. (Welcome to 2nd child syndrome, my son).

This morning we got to the library's children's program in time to see it end. Graciously, the librarian did the craft with Rei and I'm sure that it went much better now that the other kids had left, leaving us with the run of the place. In my juggling to get everybody and everything home, I forgot said craft at the coathooks. When we got home, Rei stripped off her coat and her shirt, going topless for lunch and Quiet Time.

Shelley's job is proceeding well; her Blackberry from work is a nifty gadget; her brother-in-law wrote some of the programming for the phone application. And our friend Vic helped to market it, I'm sure.

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