Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Family Holiday

The Centre for Christian Studies' Winter Learning Circle is in full swing at the convent guesthouse of the Sisters of St. John the Divine. We took advantage of my parental leave (and off-duty Sundays) to visit some old classmates on their day off.

Rei was feverish last night (we had to hold her down to administer some acetominophen) so we didn't know if we'd get away today or not. While still feeling warm and despite poor appetite, she was in good spirits and we decided to head to Toronto. Her apple juice this morning was enhanced with some Tylenol; I wonder if she wondered why we were prompting her to finish her drink.

Our hotel suite is an expansive executive suite (which I found online for a bargain rate) allowing the kids to sleep in one room while we watch TV and blog in the other. After settling in, I ventured to the convent and found a room in which to share giggles and stories with all the studious students labouring at their labours. As usual, I was a welcome excuse for procrastination (it's easy for them to blame me for everything, now that I'm no longer there to defend my honour and reputation!).

Upon my return to the hotel, we apparently used up all of Rei's out-of-room energy to go the pool; when four of my compadres came by for supper, she disappeared into her room and declined to come out. Shelley graciously offered to stay with the kids and ordered room service as I had a lovely guffaw-filled repast in the hotel restaurant. Rei was asleep, in her clothes, within 10 minutes.

We'll see if there will be another pool excursion tomorrow, otherwise it will be home again, home again, jiggidy jig.

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