Monday, February 06, 2006

Still churchin'

It was an early beginning to the day after a late night of stormy-weather sleeplessness. We saw Shelley off to her first day of work and from there on out it was alternating play time and TV time. Kai had a couple big naps in the morning, Rei helped me wash dishes and we played with Play-Doh.

While the kids had Quiet Time after lunch, I did a bit of church work. The storm that cancelled church on Sunday has put a dent in the "leave" element of Parental Leave; after Wednesday's Annual Meeting, I should be able to leave the work behind. Although I remain involved in some portions of the congregations' lives - such as helping lead Monday School - we're trying to approach our activity level based on how we'd be if we were part of a congregation. (I discovered the secret to getting the kids together and there on time: start getting ready to go an hour ahead of time).

Although, I already have the sense that this might take up more of my time and energy than I'd like. While I do remain committed to the ministry of the churches, I don't want to be seen as "too involved" and cloud the community's understanding of being on leave. As Rohinton Mistry suggests, it is a fine balance.

Speaking of books, I began reading a book for sheer recreation last night - the first in who knows how long. It was a psychological thriller/crime drama that boasts "once you start, you won't want to put down The Magician's Tale, a most compelling read." Somehow I managed when 24 began.

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