Sunday, April 08, 2007

Holy Week, Batman!

With the Risen Christ ushered safely and ceremoniously from the tomb, I emerge from my burrow of church work to take in the newly snowed-upon spring weather. Here's some of the happenings of the Holy Week that Was:


I spent a lot of time running around gathering supplies for the Good Friday worship service. It seems absurd to pay money for rocks, (like paying for bottled water...) but I loaded up at the dollar store for some polished "river stones". The liturgy I was using called for rose petals, but even before pricing those out, I knew that some tastefully small, artificial blooms, (also at the dollar store) were the more financially responsible option.

I also spent much time trying to track down a copy of "The Gospel of John". A Christian bookstore in London had it on VHS for $70 (yes, $70) but not wanting to be caught without, I *gulped* bought it in case I could find it anywhere else. A couple days later I was in HMV and was rooting through the DVDs and tada! found a copy for $17. Without any gulping, I bought the DVD featuring both the 2-hour version, the theatrical 3-hour version and bonus extras. I returned the other one, more financial responsibility.

I reprised my role as the disciple John at the Last Supper during a dramatic Maundy Thursday evening worship service with the Baptists.

Good Friday morning's worship featured the previously-mentioned rocks, flowers and DVD.

I went to The Swell youth worship service that night and found myself in an impromptu skit about sin. Apparently, sin is drinking and dancing and stepping in cardboard boxes.

The wintry weather forced a move indoors for the Easter Sunrise service and after a quick trip back home to see how the kids enjoyed Easter morning chocolate delivery, it was into the regular Sunday morning road trip to the churches.

Play Ball
In the middle of all that prayerful diligence, I managed to see that the Florida Gators won the NCAA tournament again. Ho hum. The game was rather anti-climactic as they dispatched Ohio State easily and efficiently. There was more tension surrounding the status of coach Billy Donovan and wondering how much product he uses in his hair.

In the big leagues, the Raptors clinched a playoff spot and steadily continue to climb the standings. It is a strange feeling to watch a Raptors game and expect them to win. Very strange; although I shouldn't be surprised, it is a season of resurrection.

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