Monday, April 23, 2007

More Sex in Church

In the anticipated follow-up to The United Church's response to Our Whole Lives curriculum a "think tank" has been convened to identify how we might move forward on presenting an integration of faith and sexuality that offers a positive, affirming message rather than the negative, fear-based diatribes that certain religious traditions loudly espouse.

I arrived last night, checking into the Delta Chelsea (again), with the prospect of a queen-sized bed to myself and no childcare duties. The anticipation of lengthy uninterrupted sleep was for naught. A fire alarm at 4:50 a.m. and the series of announcements over the loudspeakers telling "ladies and gentlemen to please stand-by" made it difficult to fall back asleep, but I managed.

In the morning as a brief history of the process thus far was offered, I found myself in the poisition where I could raise the voice of experience and memory. Some World Café discussion and an Asset Inventory raised some interesting points (again I originally typed "pints" ... hmm) but no clear direction has emerged.

After we adjourned for the day and went out for supper, I stopped by the Eaton Centre and bought some underwear. I managed to forget to pack some. The things you can get in the big city, underwear on a Monday evening?!

Chatting on-line, Michelle suggested that I could have gone commando, but that might make "Guess What's under the Alb?" even more controversial.

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