Monday, April 30, 2007

The Irony Was Delicious

After a morning of driving, traffic jam and not seeing the Presbyterians, it was a full day of worship, meeting people, small group introductory exercises, seminars and keynote addresses. Add to the socially draining environment of hundreds of youth ministry people (cheery, energetic and extroverted, not that I'm stereotyping) and I was looking for some quiet.

So after calling home before dinner, I found myself near the end of the meal line and was happy to find a table where the people were about finished and ready to leave. Sitting there alone, ready for dessert, Spence called across the room to invite me to crowd in with him and his people (those Presbyterians we'd been looking for) but I yelled back, "I'M SICK OF PEOPLE!"

A woman at the next table gave a sympathetic murmur of agreement, but then suggested to me that I was in the wrong line of work. Agreeing, I sighed and responded, "Yes. My call must be from God."

After finishing my cake and coffee, I walked over to Spence and we revelled in the irony that I was sick of people at a conference focussing on community. I then walked the grounds for some alone time, calling it "looking for House". I plan to present with symptoms of demon possession.

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