Sunday, April 22, 2007

On the Move

It is official. This morning I told the congregations here in Ravenswood and Arkona that I will be leaving in the summer.

Glencoe-Appin Pastoral Charge voted today to extend a call to me. Yes, it's another rural two-point charge (I originally typed "two-pint" ... how's that for typo?) but rural churches deserve quality ministers too.

Why the move? Professionally, I had come to a sense that I've done all that I can do here. It just felt time to move on. I could go on and on here trying make justification, but that would be for my own personal therapy than anything else.

Breaking up is hard to do and my voice caught in my throat on a couple occasions as I shared the news of my departure. But life goes on and so must we.

I've been blessed that the congregations have always been so gracious and understanding (and I'm not just writing this because some of them are regular readers here). I'm curious to see how far the news will spread and how quickly.

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