Monday, April 23, 2007

We Are Also Homers

In other news, amid all of our usual flurry of juggling schedules, Shelley and I became home owners (which nicely contracts to a Springfieldian "Hom-ers"). We toured through 8 houses in Strathroy and made an offer on one that seemed to best suited to our desire for a ready-to-move-in home (we elected not to go with the house that had the wet bar topped with Molson Canadian beer bottle caps as the bar surface, with some Black Label caps spelling out "Larry's Bar"; my name's not Larry). My superpowers as HandyDaddy are shockingly limited when it comes to actual renovation or home improvement.

We take possession in July so there will be a few weeks of painting and tweaking before moving in. Our new digs:
Apparently, we will have a view of Strathroy's "Running of the Bulls" from our backyard.

So, are we grown-ups yet?

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