Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Anniversary / Due Date

Lost amid the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes frenzy (and this will be the only mention of them in this blog, they don't deserve any more) is the story of our love. "Our love is like our best friend's love...only *better*!"

Eight years ago, Shelley and I were married on a hot, humid day that ended with a brilliant summer thunderstorm. So much has changed since then (added two kids, endured a few relocations, leased/bought some cars, revisioned our wardrobes) and a lot of things have remained the same (nurturing admiration and respect for one another, enjoying the simpler elements of life, delighting in many of the same circle of friends, amassing an ever-increasing volume of CDs). How lucky, to find a steadfast and giving companion on the journey of life.

Today is also the day that Kai was predicted to arrive. Instead, he's 9 days old, regained his birth weight less an ounce, and is sleeping like a baby.

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