Sunday, June 12, 2005

A Quick Timeline

The day seems quite long when you're measuring much of it in 2-minute intervals. Here's what I remember from this morning:

3:35 water broke
4:10 called Shelley's mom to watch Rei for today
6:00 left for hospital
7:00 fetal monitor hooked up ...
  • showed "variables" (i.e., drop in baby's heart rate during some contractions)
  • nurses, residents, doctors rush in, look at the readings, rush out - a veritable sea of royal blue scrubs milling about
  • we're freaking out a bit (a lot)
  • received unconvincing assurances that everything's OK (then why is everyone here? why is everything happening so quickly? do nurses usually run the bloodwork down to the lab themselves?)
7:30 decided on a C-section
8:00 anethesiologist interview
8:30 prepping for C-section
9:10 obstetrician arrives (late b/c of shift change); I enter the O.R. shortly after
9:23 Kai is born
10:15 we all go to recovery room
10:50 he has his first feed, it goes well
11:17 first sneeze, very cute
11:45 to semi-private room for 3-4 more days

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