Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Aural Acquisitions

In addition to 2 more pastoral visits in 2 different hospitals (that makes 4 in 2 days), I picked up a couple new CDs on a semi-impulse.

Coldplay's X&Y, after just half a listen, strikes me as their strongest album yet. Hooky and catchy, if immemorable, melodies punctuate the ethereal, lilting lyrics (although nothing will ever come close to Martin Tielli). This is radio mainstream at its best.

Keane's Hopes and Fears, the latest acclaimed entry into the wave of new Brit pop, is, to my ears, a gloomier, stripped-down version of Travis and reminiscent at times of Radiohead. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes some UK grey is the only thing that suits my mood. There are some standout tracks and I know the rest will grow on me.

All in all, a fine soundtrack to the theological ruminations that will blunder deep into the night.

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