Thursday, June 02, 2005


Tonight at the park, I was on the swings with Rei after administering her "big push." As she was slowing down, I was trying to decide if/when/how I was going to jump off my swing when gravity decided for me. It wasn't so much the wind being knocked out of me by the elegant belly flop into gravel that hurt, it was the fact that the neighbours were sitting on their back porch watching the whole thing. Thankfully, the wine I had with supper (and the pre-wine beer) numbed everything.

There's more: After Rei's bath, she slipped and fell back, landing on her rear. She has recently come to the understanding that kisses heal all bumps and ouches (you can see where this is going)... After picking herself up, she very clearly and plaintively directed me, "Kiss my bum." I wasn't expecting to hear that sentiment from her for another 10 years.

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