Monday, June 13, 2005

The Sermon that Wasn't

So yesterday I had planned on preaching about the prediction and news of Sarah and Abraham's unplanned parenthood (Genesis 18: 1-5, 21: 1-7), elaborating on laughter, hospitality and other churchy themes. I find it particularly ironic that I was going to conclude with:

And naturally, Sarah's story is prominent in my mind as Shelley prepares for the last weeks, maybe only days, of her pregnancy. It will be a time of fear, anxiety, wonder, hardship, pain, hope, and of course, laughter. These stories of Sarah, Abraham and the disciples offer an invitation to share in good news, to journey with others, offering them welcome and hospitality in our lives, into our faith.

Yeah, I guess I was tempting fate wasn't I? And by "fate", I mean God of course. If you believe that God has a hand in these sorts of things.

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