Friday, June 24, 2005

The Last Few Days

I better catch up on the last couple days, looking back I recall diapers, Raffi, washing dishes and trying to tidy the house. Which is what every day has pretty much become.

Specific memories include visits from: friends Michelle & Steve, she's lent me a book about a nun; and both sets of grandparents, with gifts of piggy bank, pinwheel and clothing for the kids.

Summer must be here, the hammock is set up on our porch. We haven't used it as much we'd like. After what seems like an eternity, I BBQ-ed some burgers last night. Last time I charred some food was pre-Kai (PK? or BK, before-Kai?).

I have undertaken to (re-)organize the filing cabinet and office. So even though everything is everywhere, I am making progress. And a new dresser for Kai's room awaits assembly. That's scheduled for tomorrow.

Somewhere along the way, I need to find a sermon for Sunday. In Genesis, Abraham prepares to sacrifice his son, Isaac. I think I'll be working with the gospel text.

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