Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fashion Sense

Tonight, Shelley and I went clothes shopping for my sister's upcoming wedding. Rei stayed with her grandparents, Kai came with us and we set out to try and look good. My sister is a self-declared fashionista and I'd like to try and do right by her.

I'm a little overwhelmed by the patterned-dress-shirt-with-tie look. How does one decide if a tie goes with a shirt? Is it by colour? Or pattern? I settled upon a combo that is stripey, bright and doesn't conflict within itself (at least to my eyes). Getting dressed for church is much easier: throw on the alb and you're good to go!

Hoping that my selection isn't offensive, I might do a test run at Bobo's wedding tomorrow. Who gets married on the Friday of a long weekend? Someone with grand plans of a grand party. That would be Bobo.

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