Monday, May 22, 2006

Friday: Learning on the Road

The road to Shelley's parents' cottage was long and patience-trying, but not without reward. Apparently popcorn chicken at the KFC/Pizza Hut in Stayner is a highly complicated, time-consuming order to complete, requiring more than the understaffed establishment could manage on a long weekend in cottage country.

It was during this wait that I realized Just New Reeleases video rental franchise wasn't misspelled, but a "clever" connection to a movie "reel". So subtle was this reference that it has taken me the better part of 5 years to catch on.

For the final stretch of driving, Rei entertained herself and her brother with her imagination and a bendy-straw. She used that tube of plastic as a flute, a saxophone, and "swimming lips" (which we figured out to be a snorkel). To use her words, it was hilarious.

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