Saturday, May 13, 2006

Westjet West

It started with a leaking diaper at the airport. (At least I left my grenade belt buckle at home!). After changing Kai's pants, I proceeded to dry them with the air dryer in the men's room. And did the same with the wet spot on my shirt.

Despite a tailwind pushing us home, the flight was a bit more troublesome for our youngest passenger. Rei contentedly settled in front of the satellite TV and her Wiggles' colouring book. Kai had trouble settling in on the flight and managed only 45 minutes or so of sleeping. The remainder of our time was spent walking with him up and down the aisle, pumping bottle after bottle into him and passing him to the other parent.

Back on the ground, we missed the immediately available airport shuttle to our park 'n fly hotel, but that allowed us to grab a quick bite to tide us over until the Cambridge/Guelph McDonald's off the 401. Rei was sound asleep when I got her out of the car, but perked up for an ice cream cone and chocolate milk.

Kai managed to get some sleep in the car afterwards, Rei was awake and good-natured until we got to the home-side of London. She finally drifted off to sleep herself in Keyser, which is a scant 6 minutes from home. Travelling, fully awake, from St. John's to Keyser with only a power nap in Guelph, hopefully means a sound slumber tonight. We'll see how the rest of the time zone shifting works out.

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