Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Monday: Bleeding Ears and Cutting Teeth

As wonderful as the trips to the cottage are, it can be, and has been, an ordeal to travel to and from. No matter what highways or backroads we take, the travel time is roughly 4 hours. Factor in two children and we plan for 5½ hours. Thankfully, the kids dropped off to sleep in the car soon after we fuelled up at a paltry 96.5¢/L.

Our travelling bliss was interrupted in Mount Forest where we made a pitstop for some park play (thank you to the Lions service club for your community-mindedness). After taking Kai out of his carseat for a bottle, we discovered his ear was bloody. Needless to say there was some concern, dismay, guilt and shock on our part. Once we got him cleaned up, we figured he'd only scratched himself, despite all the blood.

He'd been pulling at his ears all day and he'd been a little warm the last few days. We had given him Tylenol, suspecting teething. Sure enough on the top-left was Tooth #5 peaking through.

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