Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Rei's Big Day

We had big plans for the day. Rei and I would take Shelley into work, then go for a doughnut at Tim Horton's, we'd then go to the public school where I mentor a boy in Grade 5, then home in time to go to the Early Years Outreach program at the Municipal Building.

Somewhere between Tim Horton's and the school, Rei gave a world-weary sigh and pronounced: "It's been a long day." This before 9 a.m. She had a great time playing with my student buddy (Big Brothers/Big Sisters calls them "mentees" but it sounds too contrived a word for actual use - plus it evokes images of Stellar's Sea Cows and manatees). On the car ride home, a mere 13 minutes, she fell asleep.

We didn't make it to the outreach program but did play in the big backyard until lunch. While Shelley's parents are here, I headed to Sarnia in the afternoon for a bit of shopping and sweet potato fries at Paddy Flaherty's. I picked Shelley up from work and the big day gave way to a not-as-big evening of barbeque, bath and basketball.

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