Friday, May 05, 2006

Holiday Thrills

We set out on the road to Toronto this afternoon, thus beginning our vacation. Well, Shelley's the one on vacation; for me, it's just a change of scenery.

Stopping for gas and diaper changes at a truck stop outside of London, the kids returned to the car with new stuffed animals. There was the cutest monkey there that was ideal for Kai; and it didn't seem right that Rei had her Pooh bear and he didn't have any cuddly companions.

Then it didn't seem fair that he should get a new toy and his sister didn't, so she got to select a new stuffed friend. Of course, she picks a gaudy pink and white pony with glimmery hooves and a braided mane. There was a perfectly adorable hippopotamus that would have added some variety to our plush menagerie, but no, a "pony with a pony [tail]" was the choice.

It was at that truck stop that we realized we only had one more diaper for each of the kids. We figured we'd buy some in St. John's when we arrived to save luggage space, except we forgot to pack enough to get us to St. John's. At the outlet mall in Cambridge we stopped for McDonald's and diapers. I learned that maybe Kai's chewing skills are not quite up for little pieces of apple yet. I was fingersweeping them out of his mouth before we left; he crammed a lot in there.

The hotel was a big hit. The kids were giddy in their new surroundings: Kai revelled in the curtains and Rei laid claim to the kingsize bed. They were so happy and amazed and delighted, and we haven't done much of anything yet.

Tomorrow morning we fly out as east as you can get in Canada, where more adventures await.

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