Monday, May 22, 2006

Sunday: Resort Golf

Earlier in the week Shelley suggested that I bring my golf clubs and try to get out with Shelley's sister's significant other, John. I was thinking one of the local Midland courses would suffice, but he's a golf connoisseur and wondered about an outing to Huntsville where Grandview Golf Club awaited.

There, we got to see how the other half golf. At $250 an outing, this was not my social scene, but the grounds and clubhouse were gorgeous. Although there was a chance that we could have played for next-to-nothing, but too many strings needed to be pulled and I wouldn't want to use up all that good will on the first long weekend of the season.

Still, we did get 9 holes in at The Inn Course amid the wind and rain. I didn't embarrass myself in the presence of such an accomplished golfer managing a chip-in on the first hole and par in front of a play-through audience.

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