Thursday, May 11, 2006

This is Daniel Cook golfing

Recently I decided one of my life's ambitions would be to golf in every province of Canada. Today makes 3: Manitoba, Ontario and Newfoundland & Labrador.

I arrived at Pippy Park intending on golfing the "Captain's Hill" 9-hole course. Mistakenly, I went to the Starter's Hut instead of the Clubhouse, but it worked in my favour. No sooner did I darken the door when the attendant looked at me quizzically and asked, "Kenji?"

Then it was my turn to look perplexed and he (re-)introduced himself, "Steve, from Cochrane!" (As in Cochrane St. United Church, not Cochrane, ON). He suggested that I play the front 9 of "Admiral's Green", a superior course with a mountaintop view of the city and the ocean, and I was able to do so for the same green fee.

Indeed, the view from the 7th tee was spectacular. This image doesn't do it justice, but hopefully you get the picture:
Apparently I was hitting from the same elevation as Cabot Tower and it was a steep drop to the green; carts were warned to test their brakes, as I scrambled down, it felt as my toes would have slid out of my shoes. And I managed par!

Apart from being stuck behind a slow foursome, which easily added a half-hour of waiting to my game, the only drawback was Daniel Cook's theme song running through my head the entire afternoon.

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