Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Grey was the Day

The day dawned grey and damp (another case of RDF, rain-drizzle-fog, while Ontario is on the verge of HHH, hazy-hot-humid, weather - but we're not visiting for the weather), so we decided to confine our activities to some indoor ventures. We went underwater without getting wet at The Fluvarium where Rei initially was keen to see the fish in the deep pools, but the dark exhibit hall kept her enjoying the riffle and shallow pool.

Kai fish
Kai and his fine, fishy friend

Onto some more familiar ground, we shopped at the Avalon Mall where the kids got Newfoundland ABC and 123 T-shirts, appropriate wear for an Early Literacy Specialist's offspring. Our intent was then for a quiet afternoon in our room, but after getting a little stir-crazy, we braved bracing winds at Kenny's Pond Rotary Park for some invigorating outdoor play.

Rei high slide
Rei has taken her recreation to new heights.

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