Sunday, October 28, 2007


It's official now. After months of living together, Trinity and Appin United Churches and I are now in a church-sanctioned relationship.

The service in the afternoon was personally meaningful, having my parents and Shelley's mom there. It was a real treat to have Cheryl's dad, the Retired Reverend, preaching. We got a chance to wear our matching stoles. After the first hymn, I could hear Kai give his stamp of approval: "Yay! I like that!"

After the plentiful potluck supper that followed and corralling giddy children, came the clean-up. Seemingly from nowhere, a small orange cardboard square with the number "4" floated down from the ceiling. (OK, I guess it wasn't from "nowhere" after all). Apparently, this was a remnant of an activity that my predecessor at the churches organized for her farewell event.

We found it fitting that her spirit was present at the covenanting service too, which I took to be a good sign. Also a sign that Chris Bosh, power forward and #4 for the Raptors, is going to have a monster year. Let's NBA!

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