Saturday, October 06, 2007

Turkey, Tegan & Sara

After a sweltering wedding ceremony, I headed to Exeter for Thanksgiving/Christmas with Shelley's extended family. Rei and Kai were happily playing with their cousins in the garden and with all the tractor-type toys.

Stuffed with turkey and fixings (as well as some of Shelley's Turtle Cake), she and I headed to London for the Tegan and Sara concert. Shelley's parents came back to our place with the kids, while we rocked out.

The opening act, Northern State, featured a trio of hip-hopping white grrls from New York. Not exactly my cup of tea, but they grew on me. By the end of their set, I appreciated their energy and passion for their music and could see why T&S asked them to open.

As for the headliners, it was an unremarkable show. While I enjoyed their sisterly banter and barbs, and hearing some of the stories behind the songs, their performance was rather stilted and standard.

Still, there were some fine moments such as an accelerated set where they ripped through "Hop a Plane" and "Speak Slow" (Rei's favourites) and on into "Walking with a Ghost" that had the crowd roaring.

Sara (who, by the way, is the twin who lives in Montreal) told us that we were the best crowd on the tour and then asserted that she wasn't just saying that. I may have to check with some friends in Regina to see where they ranked in the audience list.

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