Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Pie Man Cometh

After church, I hit the highway for the marginally shorter trip to Kingston (than from Arkona) for Queen's Theological College's Annual Conference and a visit with Cheryl and the kids, her parents and Jeffy too.

En route, I stopped at Colborne's Big Apple, picking up a traditional apple pie.
And, as has been a quasi-tradition, I also dropped by Dairy Queen to bring a Skor Treatsa Pizza to my hosts.

When I arrived, Neva greeted me at the door and asked if Reiko was with me. I said, "No, she has school tomorrow." To which Neva excitedly replied that she had school too! At least this way, they can go to different schools together and one of my dad's favourite corny jokes can bear a kernel of truth.

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