Friday, October 12, 2007

Following The Finger

While playing outside with the kids today, we found ourselves in a game of Follow the Leader. This is usually accompanied with the soundtrack from Disney's "Peter Pan", as the kids sing
following the leader, the leader, the leader
following the leader, wherever s/he may go

In the movie, the middle child, John (I think, or maybe it's Michael) is holding up an umbrella like a drum major's baton to lead the Wild Boys through the woods. This happens right before we fast-forward through the culturally-insensitive, outright racist storyline with the "Injuns".

All this to set the scene where Reiko is the leader of our game, we're singing the song and she's waving a finger in the air pretending it's the umbrella/baton. She's happily waving the longest finger she has on her hand, because that's the most suitable one for an umbrella; they are long, after all. To the casual observer (or our next door neighbours) it looks like she's flipping them the bird.

Thankfully I managed to convince her to change her hand configuration without having to explain why.

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