Thursday, October 04, 2007


Much of today was spent dealing with the unexpected:

Despite the warmish fall morning, there was a bus delay due to fog. I learned this after taking Rei to our bus stop and hearing a mom from across the road yell the news. So I drove a tearful Rei to school (she wanted to ride the bus and was afraid she wouldn't see her friends, C & L, today). I waited with her in the yard until the bell rang and got to meet her teacher as well as one of her friends, E.

After dealing with some of the usual church office work, I had a call from the funeral home about a graveside service tomorrow morning. As I met with the family this afternoon, there was a knock on the door. It was one of my ministerial colleagues, who will be conducting a wedding with me this weekend.

It turns out there's been a bit of a communication mix-up and the bride was upset. It took a few phone calls and messages to get things sorted out.

After getting the kids from the bus and daycare, we had a picnic supper in Forest while Shelley had an evening workshop to conduct. Turns out there was more than enough staff for the program and she got to come home early, a nice surprise for everyone.

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