Monday, October 15, 2007

Some Golf, Some Conference

I went golfing this morning, again at Inverary Golf & Country Club. Last year, there was a foursome of Korean women eyeing me up; they were there this morning too. At least I think it was them. Although, in the year that's elapsed, a man had joined the group.

My game had its moments: some good hits and putts, many minutes searching for golf balls in the woods because I had lost all that I had in my bag...

After lunch, the conference began with a masterful sermon from Malcolm Sinclair and a giggle-ridden reunion with a dear classmate.

I had supper at the Brew Pub, slaking a craving for Dragon's Breath Pale Ale. Then it was back to the college to hear Christine Smith muse about preachers as world citizens.

One of my pet peeves are questions that aren't questions. Especially during question period following a keynote speaker's address. I'm not saying that happened tonight, but I'm not not saying that it didn't.

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