Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I know the reputed Queen's Homecoming was last weekend, but today was a time to browse downtown before making the long drive home. I patronized some familiar haunts: buying a pound of Dr. Joe coffee beans from The Sleepless Goat; checking used CD stores for any valuable finds or discoveries; getting a couple toys for the kids and a hematite ring for Shelley at Very Shari; searching for child-sized chopsticks and settling on a box of Pocky; and, lunch with Cheryl and Rory at The Wok-In (#4 with extra spring rolls).

I'm always curious to see what's new with Kingston like the updates to Megalo's (still Mega Portions, Low Prices!) and the exterior of Curry Village (as featured in Where to Eat in Canada), and until next time, the memories will continue to paint an idyllic portrait of collegian youth and idealism.

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