Tuesday, October 16, 2007

No Golf, More Conference

It was a full day of theological insight and catching up with my college cohorts. With an address from Executive Secretary of The United Church, workshops about the exegetical framework of Luke's gospel and preaching for the Emerging Spirit campaign, and book shopping, I was glad to take an early break for some Darbar with Jeffy, Cheryl and the kids. Then it was back for the evening lecture.

It isn't all weighty, academic pondering of our homiletical imperative. Those of us in the balcony are developing the screenplay for the latest Christian epic, "The Passion of the Clown" featuring Ronald McDonald as Jesus, Grimace as Peter, Hamburglar as Judas Iscariot and the Fry Guys as assorted disciples. Rounding out the cast Birdie as Mary Magdalene, Mayor McCheese as Caiphus the High Priest, and Captain Crook as Pontius Pilate. (Although I'm thinking that Big Mac could be Peter, with Grimace becoming John, the disciple Jesus loved most). These are the kind of things theologically trained professionals think about.

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