Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Joy of Presbytery Budgets

The special Presbytery meeting that was called to discuss the budget got off to a telling start. During the opening worship, where MP3 hymns were played from a laptop, the congregation fell behind the music of "Be Thou My Vision". A human musician would have adapted to the slower pace, but the digital accompaniment unwaveringly kept its time.

It was fitting that our voices never really caught up to the rest of the song. We did manage to get in sync three times throughout the hymn: at the beginning of each stanza. And we wonder why there aren't any young people in church.

It might also be the fact that during the debate of a proposed amendment, speaker after speaker would lengthily, and passionately, present arguments opposing the motion. You'd think that with such a clear sense of direction in the court, people would not get up to repeat the same opinions or that a vote might be called. Alas, it was not to be, and I suffered through self-righteous pontificating and zealous proselytizing.

And when 6 major expenses were asked to present an alternate budget line, you'd hope that more than one of them would do so.

Forgive my griping, it was too cold in the parking lot to have a proper "meeting after the meeting" and so I turn to the cybersphere for my debriefing.

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