Wednesday, October 18, 2006

In the News

On the way home I was stuck in Toronto traffic, listening to Jim Curran on "Here and Now" with rapt attention. It was strange for me to hear his report on the traffic situation apply to me; usually when I hear him on the radio, I'm getting supper ready.

Even more eerie was the news of a barn fire causing an evacuation of homes on the shores of Lake Huron (I wonder where?), south of Grand Bend (oh really? we're south of Grand Bend), near Thedford (yikes! we're near Thedford ... are Shelley and the kids heading for sanctuary in London?) She called on the cell-phone, and seeing as the car wasn't moving I made an exception and didn't (couldn't) pull over to take the call.

Shelley told me they didn't have to evacuate (phew!) and let me know which farm it was (one that I drive past twice every Sunday morning), that the Arkona volunteer fire department was sent out, and that 4500 pigs were lost.

Also related to the day's events, as Garth Turner was addressing the media in Ottawa about his ouster, I was coincidentally "driving" through his riding.

In other news, I did get home in time to help with Rei's bedtime routine.

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