Monday, October 16, 2006

Not Your Typical Monday

With the morning dawning clear and bright, and golf clubs in the trunk, I found my way to Inverary Golf & Country Club for a round of pre-conference duffing. After shooting 25 on the first two holes, I stopped keeping score. Although the last half went much better.

I started behind a 4-some of Korean women. How did I know they were Korean? They asked me if I was Korean as they let me play through. When I indicated that I was not, one of them said something under her breath which I think was to the effect of "Too bad" if I correctly interpreted the giggling and nudging afterward.

After the game, I reunited with Jeffy who returned from a few days in Campbellford. Our lunch was hot and sour lunch at Darbar courtesy of the chicken madras and vegetable saambar, respectively.

Then it was to the conference for some feeding of my soul.

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