Sunday, October 29, 2006

Nightlight Losing Time

The trouble with staying in hotels with young children is trying to balance care and consideration for other guests with our standard parenting practises. We couldn't let Kai cry himself back to sleep in the early morning hours the way we would at home. So we resorted to our old tactics of trying to calm a crying baby, except he's considerably larger and heavier than a year ago.

When he was up at 5 a.m. I tried to calculate when an appropriate time might be for him to cry things out. As Shelley and I took shifts in carrying him around and stealing a few minutes sleep here and there, I looked forward to a reasonable morning hour when his wailing would not be so disruptive.

It was at 6:30 that I realized with the clocks falling back it was only 5:30 ... Deciding it would be best to make a clean getaway, we gathered our things, packed our bags and checked out at 7:30 (EST or EDT, I don't remember) and went to McDonald's for a breakfast before heading home.

We were back in time for church. We didn't go.

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