Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tryptophan Hangover

Recovering from the stuffing of turkey we had this weekend with the second of two family gatherings in two days.

Sunday afternoon we met up at the family farm for exploring the garden, fawning over the kids and some good old-fashioned, photo-captured, feasting.

Monday was a sleepy day of idle puttering and getting ready for Monday School in the afternoon at the church. It's our answer to lack of attendance at Sunday School – moving the time of our program and we've built up a devoted core group of kids.

Yesterday was back to work/daycare for everyone, although I managed to find time to take advantage of the gorgeous afternoon for some golf. Who know when the next time will be? I conquered one of my foes, Hole #4, shooting par with a series of straight shots that generally ended up where I intended. The rest of the game doesn't need to be mentioned.

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