Thursday, October 19, 2006

Left and Leaving

Thinking back to my stay in Kingston and everything that I didn't do: tour downtown; pick up some of the Sleepless Goat Café's "Dr. Joe" coffee beans; feast on #4 with extra spring rolls at Wok-In; bring back some of the Kingston Brewing Company's Dragon's Breath Pale Ale ... and I left my running shoes behind.

So it shouldn't have surprised me that today would be a day of things not going according to plan. The daycare called, Kai had a fever and according to policy, was being sent home. I cut office hours short, sent my regretful word to Presbytery Executive that I couldn't attend the afternoon meeting, and picked up the kids before lunch.

This did allow more time and less pressure to meet up in London with Shelley before we all went to Shauna's apartment for supper. I even bought a new pair of shoes, not expecting to find anything suitable in my size.

The trip home was interrupted by a requested bathroom break from Rei. Figuring where the closest public bathroom would be from where we were on the 402 was not the last hiccup. We ran into the men's room only to find the stall was already occupied, so we had to run back out to trade with off with Shelley.

Crisis averted, we eventually did get home.

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