Thursday, October 12, 2006

It's Snow Joke

Leaving the church office at noon, I was somewhat surprised to find snow flying about and a lovely, fleeting layer of white on the landscape.

I would have thought putting snow tires on the car last weekend would have precluded such weather for the time being; apparently not. I saw much of the snow through the window of the car dealership as I did some sermon writing during an oil change, installation of new spark plugs and fuel filter, and repair on the fuel line itself.

I experienced much of the snow firsthand through the windshield of the car as I drove to get the kids from daycare. It was an unsettling grey-green sky that reduced visibility and piled snow upon on the wipers. Although by the time we were headed back home, the sun was out and things were clear.

Rei was delighted to see all the snow. I had hoped we'd get beyond my brother's birthday, maybe even Hallowe'en before our first fall.

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